Out Of The Blue

I woke up with a smile


All the bad feeling

Had gone away

It actually felt

Like it was the start

Of gluing back together

My broken heart

Smug As Fuck

I love how I live in your head

Rent free

It really makes me smile

To know you’re still being

Eaten alive

By your own bitterness and bile

Cloth Ears

Why would you ask me

A question

If you don’t want to hear

What I say

It really is fucking


That you feel you can treat me

This way

Liquid Fun

So I’m due to leave

The house today

Off out with my friends

To play

Whilst enjoying, perhaps

A wine or two

I’ll try my best

To forget about you

Random #94

‘It’s so much darker when a light goes out, than it would have been if it had never shone.’

– John Steinbeck


I didn’t know it would hurt like this

He said

Or what I’d have to go through

There is no way of knowing

She said

Until it happens to you

Kiss Chase

I looked you up online

Last night

And was disappointed

With what I found

It seems first loves

Almost certainly are

Best left

In the playground

Not Arrogance, But Fact

I always assumed

Because I did it with ease

That you’d find it straightforward too

But I’ve come to realise

In the cold light of day

I was just better at it than you

From Under The Bed

Just because you didn’t hear it

She said

Doesn’t mean it didn’t speak

I think perhaps you should discuss it

He said

With your psychiatrist next week

In The North

It never quite gets dark

This time of year

Which makes the sky so pretty

But when you’re already

Struggling to sleep

It’s actually just shitty

Random #92

‘Land of my high endeavour

Land of the shining river

Land of my heart forever

Scotland The Brave’

Random #91

‘Scotsmen are said to be clannish folk. This may be because many a Scotsman never truly leaves his home. His home is always in his heart.’

– Unknown

One Tap Away (Friends)

If ever you need someone

You don’t have to worry

As I’ll be there

Like a shot

Please never question

If you can call me

As I’d rather listen to you

Than not

The Claret Box

I know what this date means

Even if very few other people do

That’s why I’ll find a way

At some point today

To sit and remember you


Calling It Quits

I should have trusted you

She said

And let you through the wall

I didn’t try hard enough

He said

In fact I didn’t really try at all

Better Plans

Shall we go out today

He said

Have a blast and give it our all

I’m afraid I already have a date

She said

With pizza, beer and football


It’s a tense, nervous headache

As we kick off with a cheer

Hoping to avoid the heartache

And pain of yesteryear

Out Of My Hands

There wouldn’t be any problem

If I didn’t wake up tomorrow

At least I wouldn’t be in pain

Or suffocating in this sorrow

Two Steps Back

Words don’t cut it


So it’s back to the knives


I really thought

I was over this

But the trauma demon

Has to be fed


Was it you

Or was it me

Who soldiered on

Too blind to see

That it was destined

To end like this

With us both falling

Into the abyss

Already Spiralling

If we leave things like this

He said

Tell me you won’t self destruct

I can’t make any promises

She said

As my head is completely fucked

John 20:23

Forgive and forget

That’s what they say

Be the bigger person

Just walk away

Well I must be cut

From a different cloth

For I’ll never tire

Of unleashing my wroth

A Heart Of Darkness

You can wear

Flowers in your hair

Use your words

So elegantly

But it matters not

I couldn’t care a jot

For you’ll always be ugly

To me

When Admission Isn’t Free

Is this all I am to you

Just an object in a cage

Here only to be gawped at

Never allowed to engage

Well let me tell you something

That I know to be true

How from my prison I can see

The only animal here is you

Random #86

All charming people, I fancy, are spoiled.

It is the secret of their attraction.’

– Oscar Wilde

One Of Many

I may have said

You were exceptional

But I’m afraid, my dear,

You were never quite

The exception


I’m not who you think I am

She said

There’s been many times I’ve lied

I knew from the moment we met

He said

That this wouldn’t be cut and dried

On Borrowed Time

You can sit there all you want

My friend

Picking at your thumbs

But you and I know

How this will end

When the day of reckoning comes

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