#11 The Footballer

You throw your cups and your insults

Because of the colour of my skin

I’ll just keep scoring goals

And celebrating with a grin

20 thoughts on “#11 The Footballer

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    1. Indeed – plenty besides them too.
      No one should ever have to suffer racism in their workplace (or anywhere else for that matter) – especially when it’s televised to millions at the time.
      There’s many wide and varied ways we can employ to rid the world such racist fuckery but, albeit exasperatedly, I felt how Raheem Sterling handled that crowd on Thursday made him a class act. As indeed he has been all summer long πŸ‘πŸ–€

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  1. I am not really into soccer – but I think it is outrageous the way some of the spectators are behaving. I think they have to deal with this with a hard line. If you dare to bring that kind of conduct into a public event – you are banned. Blatant abuse in such a public setting cannot be allowed. They need to be kicked out of stadiums, and they should be barred from commenting on social media. Someone has to have the power to enforce stiff penalties on them.

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    1. Indeed.

      This situation was made all the more infuriating as ‘fans’ of this particular team are banned from attending games (for a certain time period) by one of football’s governing bodies for displaying racist behaviour in the summer.

      However, as this tournament is overseen by a different governing body, no such ban was in place for this match (albeit one will most likely will be enforced now).

      Honestly, arse backwards just doesn’t even cut it when it comes to the wider football world and racism. πŸ˜’πŸ–€

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