How can I stop you feeling so sad

He said


Just tell me and I’ll do it

I don’t know where to start

She said

And if I did,

I wouldn’t put you through it


If you could find a way to forgive me

She said

Perhaps that’s where we could start

As I honestly never meant

She said

To be so careless with your heart

Good To See You

We’ve already missed our moment

She said

So it’s best we don’t meet again

I know you love someone else

He said

But I’d still like to be your friend

I Know

I know

You’ll never ask again

I know

I missed my time

I know

You no longer feel the same

I know

You’ll never be mine

Random #141

Mother, I cannot mind my wheel;
My fingers ache, my lips are dry;
Oh! if you felt the pain I feel!
But oh, who ever felt as I!

– Sappho (7th Century BC)
Translated by Walter Savage Landor

Growing Pale

What is the point

In another day

Living in silence

Wasting away

Especially as

No one cares anyway

Better to go now

Than fade to grey


I’ve always been alone

So this will make no difference

I shall keep my counsel my own

And wallow in my belligerence

The Strength Within

I remember

That day

When my doubts

Fell away

And I walked on broken glass

Now with veins

Of ice

I wouldn’t

Think twice

About kicking your sorry ass


As I walk

Into the sea

Never quite who

I wanted to be

I know that faith,

Hope and charity

All just proved

Too much for me

The Project

I’m arrogant and self obsessed

She said

And that will never change

Then I’ll be blessed to see

He said

If you can be re-trained

Random #140

‘Chimes sing Sunday morn
Today’s the day she’s sworn
To steal what she never could own
And race from this hole she calls home

Random #139

‘… this is how I am when I’m scared. It’s unfamiliar to you, but not to me. I can – I can fucking be scared – and carry on’

– Tommy Shelby

Queen Of The Damned

I guess I should be better now

Is that what you’re trying to say

I should be all sweetness and light

Having locked the darkness away

Well I’m sorry to disappoint you

But that’s not how this shit works

Time doesn’t heal all wounds

In fact it makes it worse

See whilst the world moves itself on

I fall further and further behind

For the pain of his loss is lifelong

And to that I am resigned



I did love someone once

She was beautiful inside and out

The life and soul of the party

Her passion never in doubt

But one day she grew cold

And her light began to fade

So now I no longer love her

Because of who it was she betrayed

Don’t Ask Me

What would you do

If it was you

Would you risk it

Even though

You could lose

I have no idea

What I’d do here

So thank fuck

I don’t

Have to choose

Sleeping On An Argument

I’m not talking to you anymore

She said

You’re being ridiculously petty

If you’d have listened in the first place

He said

We could have been in bed already

The Plea That Went Unheard

They do not like me Jesus

He said

What am I supposed to do

If you teach me one of your tricks

Perhaps some friends might then ensue

I cannot help you friend

He said

For those tricks are mine alone

You must find your own way

Even if it means a lifetime alone

All Along

I’ve long suspected

You were a dickhead

But now I know for sure

So because you’ve behaved

As expected

I won’t be seeing you

Any more

Random #138

‘Where are the roses
And whispered sighs
Where are the compliments
And dreaming eyes
It doesn’t matter you see
I know you love me
And real basic love never dies’

Random #137

“It’s such a lie that you should do what’s in your heart. If we all did what was in our hearts, the world would grind to a halt.”

– Angela Chase


If you no longer love each other

Then what’s the fucking point

Just staying together to destroy each other

Noses permanently out of joint

Why not just call it quits

As it’s clear neither of you tries

That has to be better than being miserable

Until one of the two of you dies

Next (2)

Time stands still

As I lose the will

To say another word

Now I know the drill

I’ll take another pill

And accept I’ll go unheard

The Reference


I next see her

I’ll be sure

To let her know

How you’re passionate,

Funny and kind

And how it hurts

To let you go

Not Playing Fair

You were responsible

For your actions

Just like I was

For mine

It’s just a shame

You tried shifting the blame

And couldn’t play nicely

At the time

Fairy’s Tales

While everyone else enjoys

Their happily ever after

I sit here alone

And wait for mine

Though I’m no longer sure

If my heart is as pure

As it was once

Upon a time

Well Meaning

I was thinking

Earlier on today

How it really

Would be nice

To go at least

One day


Your bullshit advice

Running Before Walking

I know

That I’m not

Quite ready

Thoughts of him

Still rife

In my head

But if you

Come around

Happy to be

The rebound

Then I won’t kick you

Out of bed

Where Else?

I know

It comes across

Like I am rapacious

Between the sheets

But believe me

When I say

My tongue is firmly

In my cheek

Sorry Not Sorry

So now you’re back

You think I’ll crack

And give you my heart again

Well I’ve changed tack

And jumped into the sack

With your (much fitter) best friend

Dirty Minds

As you don’t seem

To get it

I’ll explain it again

Real quick

It wasn’t your love

I wanted

It was merely your


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