The Dry Well

What can you do

When the words won’t flow

When you have exhausted

Every topic you know

Perhaps all there is

Is to put down the pen

And hope that one day

You’ll be hurt again

The Moral Compass

You may have saved me on occasion

But you have betrayed me too

So don’t make out you’re innocent

From what you’ve made me do

Random #164

‘His loneness is his shell and shield

And neither he, nor we, will yield’

– Julie Holder


It was easier when I was angry

When I was filled with hate

When I wanted nothing more

Than your head on a plate

It’s harder now I’m ‘better’

As the bitterness subsides

For all I have been left with

Is this hollowness inside

A Done Deal

Do you really hate me

He said

So much that you’d freeze me out

You’ll never see me again

She said

Of that there is no doubt

The Guardian

It does not matter

What I am

It said

From the end of the bed

Just trust that I know

What’s for the best

And I won’t let you

Be misled

High Winds

If all the roads are closed tonight

Then how will I get home

I’m much too scared

And emotionally impaired

To go a night out here alone

Random #163

“A True Maid”

No, no; for my virginity,
When I lose that, says Rose,
I’ll die:
Behind the elms last night, cried
Rose, were you not
extremely sick?

– Matthew Prior

Random #161

‘And if you’re in love
Then you are the lucky one
‘Cause most of us are bitter
Over someone
Setting fire to our insides for fun
To distract our hearts
From ever missing them
But I’m forever missing him

And you caused it…’

Tit For Tat

Don’t you dare

Question me

Like you’re

Any fucking better

I know

What you both did

Don’t forget

I read her letter

The Blame Game

So who’s fault is it then

Yours or mine

Who was it that took this

Over the line?

Was it me

With my brutality

And supposed lack of rationality?

Or was it you

And your crew

With fuck all else with your time to do?

Either way it doesn’t matter

As the line has now been crossed

It’s just a shame that we’ll never know

Which one of us won or lost

In Loving Memory

The girl you knew is gone

She said

Killed by love itself

You don’t need to tell me

He said

For I dug her grave myself

Sensitive Skin

How about this

He said

For an interesting notion

Perhaps you’re not

Dead inside

But just allergic to emotion

Random #158

‘Stab the body and it heals, but injure the heart and the wound lasts a lifetime.’

– Mineko Iwasaki


I don’t know

If I can forgive you

For all the pain

And hurt

It’s not that we

Can’t be friends now

But more I don’t think

We ever were

On Burrafirth

Standing here at midnight

On these old viking grounds

Not so much

In awe of the lights

But more the darkness

That surrounds


I can see straight through you

He said

Your truth isn’t so hard to find

There’s no way you can navigate

She said

The grey areas of my mind


It was you who made things difficult

It was you who made things worse

You who added injury to insult

It was you who left me cursed

It was you who made me doubt myself

It was you who made me cry

You who just pleased yourself

It was you who never asked why

But as for all that has followed

All that has now came to be

Every pill that I have swallowed

That’s on no one else but me

No Witnesses

If no one saw

But us two

Then who is to say

It happened

If we promise

Never to tell

Then no one else

Need be saddened

You’ll Keep

One day

I’ll have my way

And all the world will know

Exactly why

You’re the bad guy

And I deserve my halo

Random #156

‘All that was good,
All that was fair,
All that was me is gone.’

– Robert Louis Stevenson


I know that

It seems strange

And makes it difficult

To confabulate

But you must believe me

When I say

It is how

I best communicate


If only she was better

Then she’d be worthy of your hand

But as it is

It’s a basic bitch

Who will wear your wedding band

White (Wine) Lies

Pass me the paracetamol

She said

I’m never drinking again

I’ll remember you said that

He said

Next time you need a friend

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