From Tomorrow

I’ll be going on a journey

Down my very own memory lane

Back to the start of my WordPress life

To the advent of my pain

So please forgive me if you find

You are reading some posts again

But I feel the need to relive

Both the madness and the sane

The End Of The Line

It’s not that I’m leaving forever

I promise I’ll still be around

But the desire to fight

Let alone to write

Is proving too thin on the ground

Downing Tools

That’s it all done now

There’ll be no more

Or no less

Thank you for living

Through this with me

And not minding all the mess

In Memoriam

There is nothing

Left to do

There isn’t anything

Else to say

I just really

Fucking miss him

Every single day


Let It Burn

I have killed us

Once before

And I will happily

Do it again

For I am

No longer

In love with you

In fact

We’re not even friends

The Dullest Ache

My heart is now

A dead weight

Sitting heavy

In my chest

Not sure if

There’s another chance

To show itself

At it’s best

My Hero

You came through

Like a bolt from the blue

When I never even knew

How much I needed you

Random #172

“No one else is carrying the aftermath trauma you have endured inside their body. They are not paying the concequences. They are not managing the recovery.

Therefore their opinions are secondary to any and all things that help you heal.”

– Nate Postlethwait via @mindful_tom

Waking Thoughts

And so to yet

Another day


The urge to cry

In a body

That is fighting

Hard to survive

But with a mind

That wants to die

Not Crossing The Road

What if my answer

Is I couldn’t care less

I have no inclination

To help clean up your mess

Am I a terrible person

To leave you in such decay

That’s for you to decide

While I walk away

Access Denied

What I have

Is not for you

It is mine and mine alone

If you want

What I have got

Fuck off and find your own

Random #171

‘Give me a whisper
And give me a sigh
Give me a kiss before you
Tell me goodbye
Don’t you take it so hard now
And please don’t take it so bad
I’ll still be thinkin’ of you
And the times we had, baby’

Random #170

“Men speak conveniently of love when it their serves their purpose. And when it doesn’t, it a burden to them.”

– Maid Marian

What Should Have Been

Twenty two years

Just me and you

Sitting on the sofa

With wine and food

But it’s not to be

As you’re three years gone

So any romance today

Just feels wrong



It left you so exhausted

Wrestling to decide

Now you know

What it’s like

Living inside my mind

You Hypocrite

Look out for each other

That’s what you said

Be considerate and kind

Well you never did

When you left me for dead

Whilst I slowly lost my mind

Nowhere Near Over

You don’t know how I feel

You don’t have a fucking clue

And if you think

We’re in the pink

Then I’ve got news for you


You may think you’re richer

You may think you’re oh so smart

You may even think you’re better than me

But you’ll never have my heart

The Tirade

Don’t stop me now

I’m on a roll

Saying my piece

Letting it all go

It was you who did this to us

You see

You are the arsehole here

Not me

Dimanches Paresseux

On the leisurely drive

Home to Dussac

I stop in Lanouaille

At le Bar-Tabac

Then it’s across the road

To la Boulangerie

For une tartelette aux fraises

To eat after tea

The Limbic Lament

If alcohol doesn’t soothe me

And music doesn’t move me

It’s no wonder I can’t cope

This crippling anxiety

Coupled with impropriety

Has left me devoid of hope

Money Talks

Don’t just fucking humour me
She said
Actually listen to what I’m saying

But my job is to indulge you
He said
Isn’t that why you’re paying?

Bricks And Mortar

It isn’t really home anymore

It’s merely just a dwelling

Yet if these four walls

Could speak my friend

By God they’d do some telling

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