‘Take All That Away, And What’s Left?’

I never did thank you

For teaching me

How to respond

To insincerity

I have never been happier

Than the day I realised

That sealing up

Your crypt for good

Meant you would die inside

Grief Vampire

Paltry, trite sentiment
Faux hurt and pain
Superficial, artificial compassion
Feigned sadness and tears

You’ve got no fucking idea 
How this really feels
Just piss off back to your crypt
And leave me in peace

(Originally Posted 15.03.2019)

10 thoughts on “‘Take All That Away, And What’s Left?’

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  1. Very true – no matter how much we wall it off and bury it deep, it always has a nasty habit of worming its way back up. Powerful characterisation here! ❤

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