Our Father

I no longer go to confession

For who is He

To mete out my punishment?

As if in just one session

There could possibly be

Anything close to moral replenishment

Hail Mary

You’d think
now I
have more
time on
my hands

I’d be
about the
future and
making plans

Yet I
sit here
dwelling on
that one

it’s too
late now
give my

(Originally Posted 07.04.2020)

9 thoughts on “Our Father

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  1. You were raised religious? I think I just remembered something dark you once mentioned in relation to that (besides the morbidity of being in a cult).

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    1. Dark? Me? Really? 🤣🤣

      Yeah, I was raised with two different religions (neither Catholic) which have both been well, truly and intentionally left behind now 👍 The language in both of these poems just fit the theme – it could have been the doctrine of any religion to be honest 🖤🖤

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      1. Oh yeah no worries that’s how I read it, wasn’t taking details literally, besides I know nothing of the distinguishing details between religions 😂. All I see is ppppffffffffblllllmmmmmmph.

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      2. Man I could really go into a church right now and start shouting what what in the butt…phwoah feel like a big man.

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