The Songs That Saved My Life

You were all I had

When he died

And I didn’t know how to cope

I was driven mad

Each time I cried

And you were my only hope

‘The Boy’s No Good… ‘

I sit

To each
word you

of my


(Originally Posted 06.06.2020)

10 thoughts on “The Songs That Saved My Life

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  1. Music is amazing :). And there’s so much of it. I’ve never kept up with releases from artists so every now and then I discover a 10-year backlog of music even from artists I listen to all the time 🤦‍♂️. For example Jimmy Eat World released 5 albums in the time since I last checked 😆😆😆. I’ve got an app now to notify me of releases and at the same time I glimpsed just how many other artists there are still out there. We are really privileged with so much choice!

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    1. Oh, so many! 😁 The Smiths, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Dinosaur Jr, Bjork, L7, Nick Drake, The Cure, Bat For Lashes, Damien Rice, Roxy Music, Joy Division, Pulp, Suede – to name but a few! 😊🖤

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