Blurred Lines

I was thinking about this

Just last night

How I am not always

Visually inspired

Have I such little imagination

Lack a formal education

Or is it just that new glasses

Are required?

The Art Gallery

I think

I’m too
stupid to

I think

I’m the
only one
that does

(Originally Posted 04.07.2019)

16 thoughts on “Blurred Lines

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  1. Hahaha, well same here. I have no time to spend on metaphors! What’s the point in me trying to figure out what someone else means? I can appreciate stuff so much more if an explanation is provided in those instances.

    I suppose the reply would be that “it inspires you to think of your own stuff” but then I could just think it anyway lol. My mind’s constantly thinking of random stuff, it needs no further encouragement! I am sure that people who’ve suffered from OCD can relate to that lol.

    No, for me beauty is in reality and simplicity :).

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