‘Still Remains’

I can remember when I wrote this

Even though it was some time ago

I was lying in bed

Alone in my head

When that song came on the radio

I’d heard it many times before, of course

As it played through my headphones

But this time was different

As my tears fell quicker, and

I felt it in my bones

‘Silence Like A Cancer Grows…’

Back here alone

In this room again

With the darkness

My old friend

Praying for someone

My wounds to tend

Ever hopeful

This pain will end

(Originally Posted 13.07.2020)

6 thoughts on “‘Still Remains’

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        1. Oh, it definitely says something about us both for sure! 😁

          I was tad luckier than you I guess. I had an easy intro to Paul Simon as a kid with Call Me Al. Then I worked back the way via Cecilia, Mrs Robinson and Scarborough Fair with Simon & Garfunkel until I got to Sounds of Silence in my early twenties 👍🖤

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