A Birthday (In Bognor) To Remember

A true story

This one is

From thirty eight years ago

We were on holiday

At Butlin’s that year

When I decided to take a stroll

I let go of

My mother’s hand

And wandered in a different direction

Off in search

Of sweets no doubt

Or some other such confection

I have no idea

How long I was gone

But at the time it felt like an age

Until I was found

By a kindly policeman

Who ended my little rampage

Next thing I remember

Was in the community centre

Being reunited with my mum

First she hugged me

And then she shook me

For making her so glum

But I’ll always treasure

My little endeavour

As it did teach me one thing

My independence

Was something to treasure

So I found it again when I turned eighteen

Childhood Memories

I got lost on my
eighth birthday.

I wonder
what would’ve

If I had never
been found.

(Originally Posted 08.08.2019)

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