It Was Only A 10p Mix Up

Based on a true story this

From when I was about six or seven

I stole some sweets

So the owner called the police

In order to teach me a lesson

I have always felt

He was a little harsh

And his reaction was over the top

But I guess I learned then

Never to steal again

Well, at least not from his shop

Cops & Robbers

Caught with
my hands
in the
sweetie jar

I retreat,
when I
hear a
police car…

Who the
fuck has
the cops?

I only
a few

(Originally Posted 11.08.2019)

20 thoughts on “It Was Only A 10p Mix Up

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              1. I still got my first tenner, well sort of. I was given it for my 13th birthday and bought two vinyl albums (no cds or streaming back then) – Bat out of Hell and Grease. They are not playable but I still got them. Now whether that included the 25p return bus fare to town and fish & chips (in proper newspaper) I can’t remember – probably

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