Boys Don’t Cry – But I Did

A bit niche, perhaps…

But if you know you know

‘Always So Lost In The Dark…’

It’s 10.15 on a Friday night and excitement builds all around.

Saturday Waits as the promise of Spidermen and Caterpillars abound.

Like all those Japanese Babies who tumbled through the gate,

I Burn for tales of Cagey Tigers, and dream of Dogs that Shake.

Then I am reminded, as I Move To The Beat,

Why you Imaginary Boys look good enough to eat.

I’m So Glad I Came. To be here On A Night Like This.

If only it could End with Just One (Strawberry) Kiss.

Yet out to The Edge Of The Green Sea I’m cast,

Wondering if this Lost and Lonely feeling will last.

The Cure
Bellahouston Park

(Originally Posted 16.08.2019)

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