I’d Have No Problem Saying It Now

Remember when you told me
It was the best show you’d ever seen
That you watched in tears
As your worst fears
Played out on the TV screen

Well, it wasn’t just a show for me
It was exactly how I felt
I lived through those scenes
On the silver screen
And dealt with it all myself

See, you never really understood
You made that abundantly clear
You didn’t sympathise
Let alone empathise
With me at any point that year

So now when I recall you saying
How you cried so selflessly
I know for a fact
It was all just an act
As you lied so effortlessly

What I Should Have Said

Get to fuck

You piece of shit

I will not stand

For any more pish

You think you’re it

But it’s just a front

You’re nothing more

Than a self serving cunt

(Originally Posted 25.08.2020)

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