Dull As Dishwater

It matters not

How I seem

Through these words

I’ve penned

For if we were to ever

Meet in person

You’d be disappointed

In the end

Telling Tales

Why don’t you
stay here
a while,
he said,
and have
a cup
of tea

But I don’t
she said,
why would
you want
to talk
to me?

You’ve got
a tale to
tell, he said,
and I’d
like to
find out

Well you’ll
be sad
to realise,
she said,
that I’m
but a bore

(Originally Posted 04.09.2019)

14 thoughts on “Dull As Dishwater

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  1. After writing well, I’m sometimes tempted
    to step up my social game
    but compared to my writing, my public face
    won’t ever match the same ❤

    Liked by 2 people

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