New Beginnings

Early this morning

Whilst stood on the street

The plumpest wee robin

Landed at my feet

It looked like she’d managed

To escape her cage

And that she was ready

To face winter’s rage

Unfathomable Cruelty

Only I
know why
the caged
bird sings

It’s because
some bastard
clipped it’s

Yet as the
tears rise
and the
anger stings

The bird
knows it’s
just one of
those things

(Originally Posted 22.11.2019)

12 thoughts on “New Beginnings

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    1. Aw that’s really kind of you, thank you so much! 😊

      That means a lot as this was one of those ‘I know what I wanted to say but I don’t think I did it too well’ poems, so I’m chuffed my intention came across 🖤🖤

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