As I have beaten

My adversary

This will all end

In February

How Long?

How long
can you
go on

your only
is spite?

And now
you’ve had
to start

So that
you can
at night

(Originally Posted 07.01.2020)

9 thoughts on “2023

Add yours

    1. Well, my plan is to continue until Feb 28th which will then be a full year of updating / using my previous posts for inspiration.

      Plus, it also marks my four year blogging anniversary and I’ve posted, at least once, for every day of that.

      So I’m not really sure what I’ll do as of the 1st March. I can’t think I’ll stop posting completely, but just not as often maybe? 🤔

      Don’t worry though – I’ll still be reading and commenting on others so you won’t be rid of me completely my friend! 😁😉🖤


      1. I can see that happening (the posting less often). I post less often then before and I’ve blogging over 4 years also. It seems that it’s a natural progression (digression). I am just glad that you are still here. 🤎🤎🤎

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