You Deserve Each Other

She has long been

The target

For all of my insults

And slurs

But your fakery

Fucking disgusts me

Almost as much

As hers

Celebrity Suicide Breeds Public Dishonesty

So you can
with her

you only
saw on TV?

But when
my shit hit
the fan

You couldn’t
with me?

Well fuck your
social media

And your
boycott of
that rag

Why not look
a little closer
to home?

old hag

(Originally Posted 16.02.2020)

4 thoughts on “You Deserve Each Other

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    1. Her name was Caroline Flack – a TV presenter over here who, very sadly, took her own life around the time of that first post.

      It just irks me how when things like that happen some people are at pains to show sympathy, particularly on their social media accounts, when they are seemingly incapable of showing the same to those they know in real life 😔🖤

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