Help Me

I never used to be like this, she said,

I used to be brave.

What happened to you, he asked,

Why did you cave?

The world happened, she replied,

You wouldn’t understand.

Why don’t you try me, he implored,

As he reached for her hand.


I fear
I have
lent on
you once
too often,
and now
you are
as broken
as me.

I should
never have
asked for
your help,
to be
as now
you’ll never
be free.

The Reality

Life goes on,
now I’m alone,
as tears wash
over me
like rain.

Time moves on,
as I come undone,
with fear that
I’ll never
love again.

At Her Majesty’s Pleasure

You were keen to kidnap my kindness
and you were happy when you hijacked my heart.

You smiled when you stole my soul
and you laughed when you looted my life.

So why is it me that has been sentenced to life in this prison?

While you’re walking around out there scot-free?

Push And Pull

Love me
loathe me
escape me
so why
would you
even try?

Kiss me
kill me
want me
so there’s
no use
in saying

Leap of Faith

Why not
let me
show you
some magic,
he said,
as they lay
on the
laminate floor.

To attempt
to woo me
is tragic,
she said,
but in
her heart
she wasn’t
so sure.

One Of These Days

One day
you’ll tell me
and I
will run away.

One day
you’ll tell me
and I’ll
beg to stay.

One day
you’ll tell me
and my
tears will sting.

One day
you’ll tell me
and my
heart will sing.


If only I could ask you,
But I never should.

If only I could show you,
But I never would.

If only you could tell me,
But you never should.

If only you could love me,
But you never would.

Self Worth

I’d give you my heart,
But it’s not worth me trying.

I’d give you my body,
But it’s not worth your touch.

I’d give you my soul,
But it’s not worth my crying.

I’d give you my life,
But it’s not worth very much.


Tell me your favourite song
And I’ll play it.

Show me your favourite book
And I’ll read it.

Tell me your favourite film
And I’ll watch it.

Show me your favourite shirt
And I’ll wear it.

Tell me I’m your favourite
And I’ll love you.


He Said / She Said

One day
You might be somebody’s something
He said

But today
I am nobody’s nothing
She said

One day
Somebody might love you
He said

But today
Nobody does
She said


Every time I make you laugh another part of me dies inside.

For you can never now be the one to whom I can confide.

It’s my own fault, I know too well, as I should not try to pretend.

But if you could only see past my facade, you’d make a cracking friend.

Wedding Days

Out of everyone, I am happy for both of you the most.

I wish you love, health and happiness for the rest of your years together.

You deserve it.

My dreams have long since faded, but I hope I last long enough to see you make yours a reality.

That Summer

That summer with you was glorious.

I was young, fearless and eager to learn.

You were older, wiser and willing to teach me.

I can still recall that first night. You grabbed my hand and whispered ‘Come with me’.

We sailed past the doormen and into the club. I remember that heady mix of beer in plastic glasses, cigarette smoke and pounding bass lines in darkened alcoves.

We danced all night as those songs played and we lost ourselves in each other.

That summer was twenty years ago, but it feels like it was yesterday.

Thank You.

For JH.