Better Than Nothing

I used to think

When I was a kid

I can’t wait to live by myself

I will do

Whatever I want

Take my opportunity to rebel

But there’s another side

To living alone

When you no longer have another

To share your home

What I never envisaged

All those years ago

Was that my only company now

Would be the radio

Home Alone

It’s Friday night

And I’m here alone

In this house

We used to call home

There’s nothing left now

Just an empty shell

With only me here

Living through hell

(Originally Posted 20.09.2019)

On The Front Foot

After that night I realised

To quell the fears inside my head

I’d get a much better sleep

If I began to keep

A cricket bat under my bed

Creaky Floorboards

Tonight is
the first time
I’ve felt real fear

home alone
without you here

What if someone
breaks in during
the night?

Will I survive
now you’re not
here to fight?

(Originally Posted 29.07.2019)

It’s The Small Things That Hurt The Most

How long does it take

To only reach for one mug

To only set out one plate

To programme the heating to come on at seven

Instead of leaving it too late

To only buy one pint of milk

To only get one lottery ticket

To stop saying hello as you walk in the house

Because there’s none else in it

A Solo Affair

I’m fine
by myself
all of

Just me
in my
own flat

I don’t
need to
feel anyone

As frankly
I never
liked it

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