It’s Still Theft

You would never just take an item

If it didn’t belong to you

Just because someone

Has since died

It doesn’t make that any less true

Too Big For Your Boots

I’d rather watch them burn

Than see them in your hands

How you even think

You could ever lay claim

I will never understand

(Originally Posted 28.06.2021)

You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourselves, Frankly

You never got why

I did what I did

Even now, you couldn’t recall

But I know why

I did what I did

And I don’t regret it, at all


I don’t want to ‘talk’ about it.

I don’t want to ‘express’ it.

I don’t want to ‘let it out’.

I want to keep this part for me.

A part that’s private.

A part that’s mine and mine alone.

As it should be.

I didn’t share my love and I refuse to share my grief.

So just piss off, the lot of you.

(Originally Posted 03.05.2019)

‘Suffer The Children’


She replied

You deserve eternal damnation

For what you have tried to hide

Upon The Cross

How long

Must I wait

For salvation?

(Originally Posted 21.04.2020)

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