A Pin In A Map

Do you think you’ll get away with it

He said

That you will succeed in your plan

I just know I have to try

She said

I need as much distance as I can


You say you’re ever loving

Yet your cruelty holds no bounds

If you care as much

As they tell me

Then why do you make me frown

The Human Shield

Did I really

Dodge that bullet

Or just hide

Behind you instead

I guess now

We’ll never know

As I’m alive

And you’re dead

Leaving Home

Just keep on walking

He said

And don’t you ever come back

Just stop fucking talking

She said

You’ve already won this attack

Like Looking In A Mirror

It’s sad that you have to endure

The same shit that I did

Remarks about your skin colour hurt

Especially when you’re a kid

Just know that you’re amazing

As you’re growing day by day

You’ll always be the better person

No matter what they say


You might be pretty

On the outside

But you’re sure as shit

Ugly within

If only your


Was as radient

As your skin

Aiming Higher

What if your best

Isn’t good enough

What if things

Shouldn’t be this tough

Maybe it’s OK

That I want more

And I deserve

What I’m asking for

Not Arrogance, But Fact

I always assumed

Because I did it with ease

That you’d find it straightforward too

But I’ve come to realise

In the cold light of day

I was just better at it than you

In The North

It never quite gets dark

This time of year

Which makes the sky so pretty

But when you’re already

Struggling to sleep

It’s actually just shitty

Better Plans

Shall we go out today

He said

Have a blast and give it our all

I’m afraid I already have a date

She said

With pizza, beer and football


It’s a tense, nervous headache

As we kick off with a cheer

Hoping to avoid the heartache

And pain of yesteryear

When Admission Isn’t Free

Is this all I am to you

Just an object in a cage

Here only to be gawped at

Never allowed to engage

Well let me tell you something

That I know to be true

How from my prison I can see

The only animal here is you

The Auld Hoose

They were the glory days

Although we didn’t know it then

Oh, how I’d love to go back

And do it all again

With you

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