Thoughts #8

Every time I look

Into your eyes

My love for you

I cannot hide

You’ll never know

How I burst inside

To know we are part

Of the same pride

Torn Asunder

We always knew

This would end one day

That all our feelings

Would fade away

But we didn’t know

How much it would hurt

That we couldn’t see it through

For better or worse

From The Get Go

If I knew then

What I know now

I wouldn’t have let you stay

I’d have made sure

You saw the worst of me

And done my best

To push you away

Sweet Release

In this instance

I don’t want you to love me

I don’t even want to know your name

I just want you to fuck me


And again

And again

All I Have

If I can’t give you

All of my heart

Would you be happy

With just one piece?

You can have the bit

That’s dead to me

And I’ll keep the part

That beats

#4 The Bigamist

I’ll love you forever and ever

Until we’re both cold and blue

Just don’t worry

Your pretty little head

With who else I’ve said this to

Complex Needs

We can’t keep doing this

He said

Something has to change

I fear that our dynamic

She said

Is too hard to rearrange

Kissing Frogs

I sit here on the sofa

All alone

With the hope of love

Completely gone

Yet I dare to dream

That perhaps one day

My prince will come

To take the pain away

Six And Two Threes

Who was the worst

Me or you

Does it even matter

Who did what to who

Now we have both

Taken the fall

To still keep score

Really means fuck all

No Recriminations

You said

You didn’t want me

So I had no choice

But to move on

If you’d made it clear

How you held me dear

Then your feelings

I wouldn’t have forgone


Do you still think of me, I wonder

Like I still think of you

Or ever since you moved away

Have your feelings gone astray

And now you just make do

Silent Communication

I know that you can see me

And what I’m trying to do

How I’m trying to make you jealous

To score more points than you

Yet I know it doesn’t matter

Just how much I boast

Or how many fun time photos

That I consistently post

As even from here it’s clear to see

You’re still far happier without me

Back In The Saddle

I thought I was prepared

For when my body I bared

Albeit I’d be a little jumpy

I just didn’t expect

When you kissed my neck

The road ahead would be so bumpy

It Was What It Was

Sometimes I wish I’d said yes

All those years ago

Perhaps if I had

It might well have gone bad

But at least now we’d know

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