Back In The Saddle

I thought I was prepared

For when my body I bared

Albeit I’d be a little jumpy

I just didn’t expect

When you kissed my neck

The road ahead would be so bumpy


If all I had to do

Was tolerate you

Then really

You should’ve just asked

It was when I thought

You wanted more

That I totally

Fucking cracked


So it seems I have

A second chance

Another shot

At potential romance

Problem is

Where to start

How do I open

This Stygian heart

On A Promise

What happens when the music stops

She said

Do we have to go home?

Wherever you end up going

He said

You won’t be going alone

Kiss Chase

I looked you up online

Last night

And was disappointed

With what I found

It seems first loves

Almost certainly are

Best left

In the playground

One Tap Away (Friends)

If ever you need someone

You don’t have to worry

As I’ll be there

Like a shot

Please never question

If you can call me

As I’d rather listen to you

Than not

Calling It Quits

I should have trusted you

She said

And let you through the wall

I didn’t try hard enough

He said

In fact I didn’t really try at all


Was it you

Or was it me

Who soldiered on

Too blind to see

That it was destined

To end like this

With us both falling

Into the abyss

Already Spiralling

If we leave things like this

He said

Tell me you won’t self destruct

I can’t make any promises

She said

As my head is completely fucked

One Of Many

I may have said

You were exceptional

But I’m afraid, my dear,

You were never quite

The exception


I’m not who you think I am

She said

There’s been many times I’ve lied

I knew from the moment we met

He said

That this wouldn’t be cut and dried

Pushing Buttons

If you kiss me

Like that again

What happens next

Won’t be my fault

Our settings will be changed


And won’t be restored

To default

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