Star Crossed

Why the fuck did we start this

He said

When we knew it would have to end

I guess now we’re no longer lovers

She said

We can never be friends


It’s only when you lie

I find

That my pain goes away

But when you tell the truth

I find

I don’t know what to say

The List

There are skeletons in my closet

He said

But nothing complicated

That’s the problem with mine

She said

Most of them are naked

The Long Hello

I walked past your house

Every day

But never knocked the door


I watched as you passed

Every day

And always hoped for more


I really tried to love you

He said

But I wasn’t good enough

It’s really not your fault

She said

My exterior is just too tough

Not Her, You

You can tell me you don’t think she’s pretty

And that there’s nothing more to say

But I’ve been here before

And can spot a whore

From a thousand miles away


At some point you have to see

He said

It was you who wouldn’t commit

I wasn’t the one who gave up

She said

I just ended it

Cat Fight

I know he can’t be mine

She said

But now he’ll never be yours

If only he’d grow a spine

She said

And just choose one of us


I couldn’t care

Any less

If you cared

Any more

For nothing now

Can stop me

From walking

Out this door

The Path Of Darkness

Now you’ve led me again

Onto the path of darkness

Who knows how this will end

Last time all that was left

Was sparseness

And we couldn’t even be friends

Up Front

Go on then pal 

Unbutton your flies

Let's see what

You've got tonight

Does that bulge

In your jeans

Really mean

What I think it means

Will you actually have

Enough in there to please

Or are you just

A pretentious tease...


Do you believe in soulmates

He asked

As he lay back in the bed


She said, bluntly

Now can we just fuck instead


Thanks for that my dear

He said

Would you like a cigarette?

Are you fucking serious

She said

We haven’t finished yet!

It Never Happened

So I guess now we just ignore each other

Pretend what we had never existed?

Well I suppose that’s better

Than letting things fester

And becoming all bitter and twisted


I didn’t think

I could fuck things up

Any more if I tried

But then I got drunk

And kissed you back

And now I want to die

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