A Selfish Cunt

Call yourself a friend

When you left me here alone

When you couldn’t even be bothered

To visit or lift the phone

Call yourself a friend

When you all you did was make me frown

When you were only happy

If you were putting me down

Call yourself a friend

When you never gave me any advice

Well I know what I’d call you

And it isn’t very nice

#5 The Preacher

Soon our saviour will return

To wash my sins away

So until that time

My only crime

Will be to sit around and pray

#2 The Thief

I really couldn’t give a fuck

If you say it’s yours or not

I will take whatever I want

And leave you here to rot


That was the difference

Between me and you

I was willing to forgive

But you just turned the screw

I considered everyone

While you only cared for yourself

That’s why I’ve got everyone

And you have nothing left

Holding Grudges

You can bleat on
As much as you like

About how I should
Forget and forgive

But you know
As well as I do

That’ll never happen
As long as we both shall live

Small Talk

I can’t take any more of this

You’re really hurting my head

So please stop talking

And just start walking

Leaving me the fuck alone instead

I Give Up

There it goes

The last glimmer of humanity

Flushed down the bog

Along with my sanity

Smug As Fuck

I love how I live in your head

Rent free

It really makes me smile

To know you’re still being

Eaten alive

By your own bitterness and bile

Cloth Ears

Why would you ask me

A question

If you don’t want to hear

What I say

It really is fucking


That you feel you can treat me

This way

John 20:23

Forgive and forget

That’s what they say

Be the bigger person

Just walk away

Well I must be cut

From a different cloth

For I’ll never tire

Of unleashing my wroth

A Heart Of Darkness

You can wear

Flowers in your hair

Use your words

So elegantly

But it matters not

I couldn’t care a jot

For you’ll always be ugly

To me

On Borrowed Time

You can sit there all you want

My friend

Picking at your thumbs

But you and I know

How this will end

When the day of reckoning comes

I Am My Own Temple

You only get one chance with me

And you blew it good and proper

Now it’s not about forgiveness

It’s all about my honour


I didn’t think

There was anything else

You could do to anger me

But then you go

And confront me with

A fucking awful cup of tea

Daddy Dearest

Call me your sweetheart again

She said

And I’ll punch you in the face

For you never earned that right

She said

In the first fucking place

Tongue Tied

If I had the words

I would speak them

But you were lucky

I did not

It will always be

My deepest regret

I never gave

As much as I got


You’re like an itch

That even though

I scratch until I bleed

Will not go away

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