It’s heartfelt
praise, but
I know
your ways.

How uncomfortable
you are
to see,
just how
miserable I
can be.

I’m sorry
I no
longer make
you smile.

For that
you’ll need
to wait
a while.

Until then,
just keep
telling me
I’ll make
it through.

And I’ll
keep on
fuck you.

(Originally Posted 10.05.2019)

Under Duress

So I’m
coming to
your house

As it
I have
no choice

But to endure
three hours
of awkward

And your

If only
I could
just say

Then all
of this

Instead I’ll
turn up
with a

And fake
your best

(Originally Posted 15.09.2019)

The Queen Bee

Oh, I’ll point many a finger

In order to right these wrongs

But for her I’ll reserve

The most passion and verve

And the sharpest of razor like tongues


You think you know me so well

Yet you haven’t got a clue

For if you did

You’d see how I hid

All that I was from you

Pulling No Punches

You come for me again

My friend

And events will turn apace

Your head will spin

As that shit eating grin

Is wiped right off your face

Biding My Time

I’ll keep my own counsel

As they say

And I won’t say a word

Until, that is,

He comes to find me

Then I’ll make sure my voice is heard


You’d never burn in hell

Would you?

You’re far too cool for that

Shame, really

As it’s all you deserve

For being such a twat

Limbo Affects Lives (1pm)

Let us out

Or lock us in

It doesn’t matter

You’ll never win

For some won’t be told

What to do

You can talk and talk

‘Til your face is blue

But what would help

Is to make a decision

Perhaps then a plan

Would meet less derision

For every day you’re spending

Pissing about like a prick

Lives are needlessly ending

And some don’t give a shit

So come on Boris

Give the public what they want

Just do the job we all pay you for

You fucking fumbling cunt

Out With The Old…

At least yesterday

I missed your feast

It was always the part

I liked the least

Faking a smile

Whilst passing the peas

Thank fuck that now

I can eat in peace


Looking through old photos

It’s only now I’m struck

By how much your eyes

Betray your lies

And your smile is fake as fuck

‘Glad All Over’

I’m glad you’ve had

A good few days

I’m glad they were

‘The best’

I am also glad

You were nowhere near me

For that alone

I am blessed

‘Meat Is Murder’

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed

Your murdered bird

I can’t think of anything

More absurd

Than to eat your friends

On Christmas Day

Proclaiming such abuse

As the Christian way

Dinner For One

So what is going to happen

When I'm here all alone

Nobody allowed to visit

Me unable to go home

I guess I'll just watch shit TV

And drown myself in beer

Whilst hoping for an early end

To all this fucking cheer

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