A Chocolatey Collaboration

Isn’t it just amazing
What reading aloud can do
How through someone else’s voice
Your story can feel all the more true

I’m honoured you picked this piece, my friend,
And have given it life anew
I may well have written the words
But here the credit belongs to you

A huge thanks to Matt Snyder of https://aprolicicpotpourri.art/

https://anchor.fm/matt-david-snyder/embed/episodes/The-Bakery-Aisle-ev39s1 A short story about love by my favorite writer/collaborator friend from Northern Scotland, Little Charmer.

Short Story Saturday: The Bakery Aisle

Last Post

This is

My last post


Has been written

All sides

Of this cherry

Are now

Thoroughly bitten


So I’ve recorded some of my poems

And I don’t think they’re half bad

Who knew that in speaking

There’s so much fun to be had

But now I’m in a conundrum

As I need to make a choice

Do I stay safely anonymous

Or finally reveal my voice?

Honesty At Year Three

So today marks the beginning

Of WordPress year three

Happy two year anniversary to me

Quite a lot has changed

Since that first post

Not least the number of people

Seemingly engrossed

In reading my innermost thoughts and feelings

Which I admit even now

I have a hard time believing

For there are far more talented writers here than me

Whose focus isn’t madness, sadness or profanity

Yet as I’ve looked back over posts of the past

I see my words gradually getting lighter

Perhaps this is due, in part,

To my life being that little bit brighter

So, I hear you ask, will my future posts just become asinine?

Well, I suppose, your guess is as good as mine

But one things for sure

You’ll still find me here beneath the armour

Writing, posting and chatting

As your ever grateful Little Charmer

Writer’s Block

I try to write but the words fail.

Sit, think, smoke, exhale.

As I reach for the coffee cup,

I wonder if my time is up.

Have I forgotten you,

Is that what this is?

The reason I can no longer write this shit?

Or could it be this depression is finally lifting?

Maybe the all encompassing darkness is shifting?

Perhaps after all this time my heart is mended.

And my love affair with words has ended.

(Originally Posted 11.08.2019)


So I’ve opened up an Insta

After discussion with some friends

As not only am I interested

In the efforts others have invested

But also who might slide into my DM’s



It's only when you have nothing
That you realise words are everything

Words make your mind break
Words make your soul ache

Words incite you to roar
Words inspire you to soar

It's only when you have nothing
That you realise words are everything

I have nothing
But my words

(Originally Posted 16.03.2019)


Happy Things

I've tried to write about happy things

But the words don't seem to flow

Perhaps I've forgotten happy things

And sadness is all I know

(Originally Posted 03.04.2019)

Back To The Future

What do you do when there’s nothing left

When your darkest thoughts you’ve mined?

Perhaps a delve back into the past

For any gems you’ve left behind?

With my third year on WordPress approaching

I’m taking a look back inside my head

So apologies if you see what you’ve seen before

But it’ll be words I still need said

Finding Fault





if you


such a

so easily


I scythe these words

Across the page

To allow my pain to flow

I find it leaves

Much less of a scar

Than other ways I know

Christmas Kudos

I’m neither little

Nor quite charming

In fact my words

Can be most alarming

But the friends I’ve made

In different ways

All serve to brighten

My darkest days

So thanks to you all

For reading my shit

It warms this dark heart

Just a little bit

‘You In The Jesus Sandals’

“If I was to ever

Look for another muse

It wouldn’t be you

Who I would choose

For I’d much rather

Pick someone smart

With the open mind of a Liberal

But without the bleeding heart”

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