Random #92

‘Land of my high endeavour

Land of the shining river

Land of my heart forever

Scotland The Brave’

Random #91

‘Scotsmen are said to be clannish folk. This may be because many a Scotsman never truly leaves his home. His home is always in his heart.’

– Unknown

One Tap Away (Friends)

If ever you need someone

You don’t have to worry

As I’ll be there

Like a shot

Please never question

If you can call me

As I’d rather listen to you

Than not

The Claret Box

I know what this date means

Even if very few other people do

That’s why I’ll find a way

At some point today

To sit and remember you


Calling It Quits

I should have trusted you

She said

And let you through the wall

I didn’t try hard enough

He said

In fact I didn’t really try at all

Better Plans

Shall we go out today

He said

Have a blast and give it our all

I’m afraid I already have a date

She said

With pizza, beer and football


It’s a tense, nervous headache

As we kick off with a cheer

Hoping to avoid the heartache

And pain of yesteryear

Out Of My Hands

There wouldn’t be any problem

If I didn’t wake up tomorrow

At least I wouldn’t be in pain

Or suffocating in this sorrow

Two Steps Back

Words don’t cut it


So it’s back to the knives


I really thought

I was over this

But the trauma demon

Has to be fed


Was it you

Or was it me

Who soldiered on

Too blind to see

That it was destined

To end like this

With us both falling

Into the abyss

Already Spiralling

If we leave things like this

He said

Tell me you won’t self destruct

I can’t make any promises

She said

As my head is completely fucked

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