Stamped Feet

I wish

I could

Take it back

All this time

That’s gone

To waste


You’ll never know

Who I am

Because of

A choice

Made in haste

Best In Show

You were hurt

And so was I

Not that it’s a competition

But if it was

Then rest assured

You could never beat my position

Random #132

‘I can’t believe that life’s so complex

When I just want to sit here and watch you undress’

La Petit Mort

I don’t have to say it

You already know what I mean

Let’s to go to bed

To forget that he’s dead

And everything else in between


Let’s just stop being coy

And jump right into bed

For in there we can both enjoy

A very different game instead

Salt & Vinegar

When you asked

For a macaroni pie

I knew

That we’d get on

But when you ordered

A pizza crunch

I knew then

You were the one

Thoughts #16

You promised

That you’d help

But instead

You made it worse

Now I’ve got

Nothing left

Not even

A decent verse

Random #130

‘You ruined everything good
Always said you were misunderstood
Made all my moments your own
Just fucking leave me alone’

Random #129

“in this land
some of us fuck more than
we die
but most of us die
better than we
and we die
piece by piece too…”

– Charles Bukowski

Thoughts #14

You are just

As fucked up as me

In fact

You’re actually

Much worse

For you think

You can

Bypass the plan

Whereas I just accept

The curse

Thoughts #9

Is this real

Am I still me

Or is this part

Of my insanity

It’s hard to tell

If I’m really here

Or if I have in fact


Thoughts #8

Every time I look

Into your eyes

My love for you

I cannot hide

You’ll never know

How I burst inside

To know we are part

Of the same pride

Thoughts #7

Not sure if I’ll cope tonight

Going out is such a chore

Plus there’s a chance

You’ll force me to dance

And my head is already sore

Random #127

“Justice and humaneness have never gone hand in hand. The law is not a sentimental comedy.”

– Captain Watkin Tench

Thoughts #5

You say more

With your eyes

Than you do

With your mouth

So maybe

You should shut them both

Thoughts #4

Sliced wide open again

For all the world to see

If only there was

Another way

To let the poison free

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