‘Always So Lost In The Dark…’

It’s 10.15 on a Friday night and excitement builds all around.

Saturday Waits as the promise of Spidermen and Caterpillars abound.

Like all those Japanese Babies who tumbled through the gate,

I Burn for tales of Cagey Tigers and Dogs who Shake.

And then I am reminded, as I Move To The Beat,

Why you Imaginary Boys always look so good enough to eat.

I’m So Glad I Came. That I finally made it to A Night Like This.

If only it could end with Just One (Strawberry) Kiss.

Alas, I am cast adrift to the Edge of the Deep Green Sea.

Wondering Why I Can’t Be You and not so Lost and Lonely.

The Cure
Bellahouston Park

Writer’s Block

I try to write but the words fail.

Sit, think, smoke, exhale.

As I reach for the coffee cup,

I wonder if my time is up.

Have I forgotten you,

Is that what this is?

The reason I can no longer write this shit?

Or could it be this depression is finally lifting?

Maybe the all encompassing darkness is shifting?

Perhaps after all this time my heart is mended.

And my love affair with words has ended.


So it’s another birthday

And what a day it has been

If I’d have known last year

What I know now

I would have jacked it all in

But I suppose now it’s time

At this ripe old age

And much to my chargrin

To find a way of moving forward

And discover the strength within

Temple Bar

The hordes gather outside your hotel window.



Having fun.

You wish you had the guts to be more like them.



More confident.

Instead you’re sitting in here alone with the curtains drawn.

With nothing but your ‘I Hate People’ badge for company.

The Faceless Female

She’s back again,
the little control freak,
whispering from my shoulder.

She never really goes away,
despite my efforts to brush her aside
or however much I grow older.

I’ve never once turned to look
at her whilst I try hard to
drown out her speech.

But I never forget
she’s there, berating me,
and bleeding me like a leech.