That’s A Promise

If we are out

In the dead of night

And by chance

Our eyes should meet

What happens next

Will not be short

And it certainly

Won’t be sweet

Spare Keys

The idea really

Was never

For you to just come

And go

It was more to ensure

You could open the door

To remove my head

From inside the stove

Miss Independent

Why don’t you actually help me

She said

Instead of standing there like a prick

Perhaps if you actually involved me

He said

I wouldn’t feel like such a dick

Torn Asunder

We always knew

This would end one day

That all our feelings

Would fade away

But we didn’t know

How much it would hurt

That we couldn’t see it through

For better or worse

From The Get Go

If I knew then

What I know now

I wouldn’t have let you stay

I’d have made sure

You saw the worst of me

And done my best

To push you away

Random #123

“Woke up the next morning

Nikki wasn’t there

I looked all over all I found

Was a phone number on the stairs

It said thank you for a funky time

Call me up whenever you want to grind…”

Random #122

“Sex is the consolation you have when you can’t have love.”

Gabriel García Márquez

Sweet Release

In this instance

I don’t want you to love me

I don’t even want to know your name

I just want you to fuck me


And again

And again

The T

As I sit here

All alone

And my tears

Begin to fall

I am reminded

Once again

Chamomile tea

Solves fuck all


They’re always there

Behind my eyes

Just waiting

For their time to pour

Anything and everything

Can set them free

With no reason why

Or even wherefore

Putting It Bluntly

I’ll say

I felt better

In the end

But the honest truth

Is that

The only reason

I didn’t jump

That day

Is there’d be no one

To feed my cat

All I Have

If I can’t give you

All of my heart

Would you be happy

With just one piece?

You can have the bit

That’s dead to me

And I’ll keep the part

That beats

Back To The Day You Died

Things are fine

Most of the time

I quite forget

That you even got ill

But then I’ll drink wine

And from nowhere, time

Once again

Stands still


Left Behind

If all you do

Is stay at home

In a self imposed


You’ll soon find

Not even your friends

Will miss you

After a while

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