The Self Fulfilling Prophecy

It doesn’t seem to matter

Who tries to talk me up

I cannot ever escape the feeling

That I am a total fuck up

It started when I was young

When I was told I was a peice of shit

That I’d never amount to anything

Despite whatever it was I did

Even into adulthood

That was always on my mind

Although I have since met people

Who are all supportive and kind

But now as I stand here

At another fork in my life’s tale

I just wish I could believe them

Instead of those who convinced me I’d fail

Flightless Bird

If only
I believed

would be
so different

If only I
was who
you see

could be

(Originally Posted 14.03.2020)

Season’s Beatings

I fucking hate Christmas

Just like Christmas hates me

Walking on eggshells all day

Faking smiles around a tree

I learned when I was five

Santa doesn’t deliver for free

That he prefers ‘good little girls’

And the one he favoured that year was me

As an adult I’ve tried to make it better

To erase him from my memory

But I still fucking hate Christmas

Just like Christmas hates me

Leaving Home

Just keep on walking

He said

And don’t you ever come back

Just stop fucking talking

She said

You’ve already won this attack

Growing Pains

Having to
grow up

you care
for it
or not

I do
like it

I do
like it
one jot!

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