‘Glad All Over’

I’m glad you’ve had

A good few days

I’m glad they were

‘The best’

I am also glad

You were nowhere near me

For that alone

I am blessed

The Ballad Of Boxing Day

Is that it now

He said

Have the bells rung out?

I cannot eat another sprout

Oh shut your face

She said

All you’ve done is moan

You’ll be spending next year

On your fucking own

Christmas Dinner

I really
can’t be

I’d rather
just stay
in bed

I’m not in
the mood for
such jollity

as I do, instead

‘Lonely This Christmas’

I remember when we stayed in bed all day

And just ate crisps and cheese

I remember when I surprised you with gifts

And you couldn’t have been more pleased

I remember when you chatted with my Gran

And you were welcomed by my crazy clan

I remember receiving your last present

Sent to me all the way from heaven

I miss you so much today

That you’re not here is a shame

As Christmas Day without you

Will never be the same


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