I know that it

Has been a while

But sure as eggs is eggs

You do have such

A winning smile

And a cracking pair of legs


She betrayed me again today

The little bitch

She always wants what I do not

Now I must fix

Her egregious mistake

Before both of us get caught

The Path Of Darkness

Now you’ve led me again

Onto the path of darkness

Who knows how this will end

Last time all that was left

Was sparseness

And we couldn’t even be friends

Up Front

Go on then pal 

Unbutton your flies

Let's see what

You've got tonight

Does that bulge

In your jeans

Really mean

What I think it means

Will you actually have

Enough in there to please

Or are you just

A pretentious tease...


Do you believe in soulmates

He asked

As he lay back in the bed


She said, bluntly

Now can we just fuck instead


Thanks for that my dear

He said

Would you like a cigarette?

Are you fucking serious

She said

We haven’t finished yet!

The Siren

I hear her calling my name,
Luring me to the murky depths.

Her song, beckons me.
Her promise, tantalises me.

I am compelled to listen.
I am urged to respond.

But she is all the way out at sea,
And I never learned to swim.

(Originally Posted 23.04.2019)

That Look

Don't look at me that way 

If you can't back up

What your eyes betray

(Originally Posted 22.03.2019)


If only I could ask you,
But I never should.

If only I could show you,
But I never would.

If only you could tell me,
But you never should.

If only you could love me,
But you never would.

(Originally Posted 20.04.2019)

Leap of Faith

Why not
let me
show you
some magic,
he said,
as they lay
on the
laminate floor.

Your attempt
to woo me
is tragic,
she said,
but in
her heart
she wasn’t
so sure.

(Originally Posted 19.06.2019)

‘Thank You, But No…’

If this is how life is going to be

Then I wish to play no part.

I have neither the strength nor the desire

To risk another broken heart.

(Originally Posted 19.05.2019)


What would it take

For you to notice me

Wear a skimpy dress

Paint my lips so readily

Well all I have is my words

So I guess that counts me out

As there’s nothing at all about them

That suggests I’d like to hangout

Once Bitten

I’ve dreamt of you before

She said

And I didn’t fall for you then

Well I’m here in real life now

He said

So let me try again

A Bit Of Rough

Throw me onto the bed

Dear boy

Your body on mine impose

For a meeting of minds

Is not required

Let alone

An entwinement of souls


Maybe one day we’ll meet again

And maybe one day we won’t

But one things for sure

We’ll never be anything more

Than what either of us had hoped


Run around

Jump up and down

There’s a new love in town!

He’s really neat

And ever so sweet

This black heart skips a beat

I think that now

I’m ready for more

I want him to whisk me

Across the dancefloor

The Over 40’s Club

Let’s both jump

Into this taxi

Please just take me home

And have me

I’m done waiting

Now is our time

Let’s grasp this moment

Whilst we’re in our prime


This cannot be
What you want

It's a joke

For I am not
That kind of woman

And you are not
That bloke


I can bear most things in life

But it kills me every time

To know no matter what I do

You’ll still never be mine


Let us 

out loud



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