Poems From Another Time (Alt Version)

It’s like reading

Someone else’s words


From a different story

But the heartache and pain

Mine they’ll always remain

So for those, I will take the glory

Poems From Another Time

It’s like reading

Someone else’s words


To someone else’s story

But the heartache

And the pain

That’s still all mine

(Originally Posted 18.07.2021)

The No Escape Room

It’s a word I use a lot


Reading back now

I have noticed

I hadn’t quite realised

How numb

I’d become

Or how dissociated I was

When I wrote this


Pain helps, momentarily.

It provides a fleeting relief.

Then the numbness returns

And living inside this emotionless abyss, continues.

(Originally Posted 12.07.2019)

Wow Part #1


How depressed was I?

I’d travelled over to Dublin

Albeit with a heavy sigh

I remember all those people

And all the fun they had

I remember trying to fit in

Even though I was pretty much mad

It’s sad to think back now

On just how much I missed

As I may well have been there in person

But I clearly did not want to exist


It doesn’t matter where in the world you go.

How beautiful the country you visit,

How fascinating the people you meet,

How much booze you drink.

You can’t run away from your thoughts.

You might have a different view from your window but your soul will remain as black as the night sky and, beneath it all, you’ll still be the same fuck up you always were.

Travel solves nothing.

(Originally Posted 30.03.2019)


To not know

Who to trust

Certainly fucking hurts

But to be unsure

Of ones own self

Is infinitely worse

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