It Never Happened

So I guess now we just ignore each other

Pretend what we had never existed?

Well I suppose that’s better

Than letting things fester

And becoming all bitter and twisted


I didn’t think

I could fuck things up

Any more if I tried

But then I got drunk

And kissed you back

And now I want to die

Sad Songs

I play them too often nowadays

Just to feel the pain

It’s better then feeling nothing

Again and again and again…

Random #54

‘So you can wipe off that grin

I know where you’ve been

It’s all been a pack of lies…’

That Summer

That summer with you was glorious.

I was young, fearless and eager to learn.

You were older, wiser and willing to teach.

I can still recall that first night. You grabbed my hand and whispered ‘Come with me’.

We sailed past the doormen and into the club. I remember that heady mix of beer in plastic glasses, cigarette smoke and pounding bass lines in darkened alcoves.

We danced all night as those songs played and we lost ourselves in each other.

That summer was twenty two years ago, but it feels like it was yesterday.

Thank You.

For JH.

(Originally Posted 24.03.2019)

The Darkness

The darker nights 
Are drawing in,
Not least those
In my heart.

I should stop
Drinking bathtub gin,
Now that would
Be a start.

(Originally Posted 09.04.2019)




Pour me

I don’t
want to
go home

(Originally Posted 10.05.2019)



Sorry I’m late.

I didn’t want to come

And I already want to go home.

Where’s the booze..?

(Originally Posted 19.04.2019)


Try as I may

I just cannot dance

To the beat of your drum

I'm always out of time

(Originally Posted 08.03.2019)


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