“Loved Up / Doved Up”

It was so much easier

Back then

As we fell in love

With our friends

Now don’t get me wrong

The drugs played a part

But we were also more open

To sharing our hearts

Love In The 90’s

No one could wear

A band t-shirt like you

With your longer hair

And grey cardigan too

That smile so shy

Those Doc Marten boots

It is no wonder why

We were in such cahoots

(Originally Posted 20.11.2020)

Stick Your Tongue Out

You may be surprised

To learn in fact

This one doesn’t refer

To a suicide pact

It is actually based

On my favourite date

When we took MDMA

And left the rest to fate


Counting the days
Counting the hours

You bring the wine
I’ll bring the flowers

Counting the minutes
Counting the seconds

We’ll both take a pill
As eternity beckons

(Originally Posted 15.08.2019)

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