As I walk

Into the sea

Never quite who

I wanted to be

I know that faith,

Hope and charity

All just proved

Too much for me


If all I had to do

Was tolerate you

Then really

You should’ve just asked

It was when I thought

You wanted more

That I totally

Fucking cracked


It’s a tense, nervous headache

As we kick off with a cheer

Hoping to avoid the heartache

And pain of yesteryear


I’ll never be
who you want
me to be

So you’ll
just have
to accept it

Please stop
trying to
change me

Or you’ll
just end up

That Day

I’m scared
of what
that day
will bring,

As I
know it’s

Even if
it’s the
start of
my future,

There’s no
way of
my past.

Sleep Is Futile

What’s the
point in
going to bed

With all
this shit
inside my head

It’s not
like I’ll be
allowed to rest

With this
sickness deep
inside my chest

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