When They All Go Home

If you’ve ever planned a funeral

Then I’m sure you’ll relate to this

It’s easy not to crack

When focused on the task

But when it’s done, you fall to shit

Keeping Busy

It’s been
a busy
few days


But now all
my tasks are

So with
left to do

I’ll soon
be thinking
of you

And how
I’ve been left
feeling cheated

(Originally Posted 17.10.2019)

Go Well My Friend

Go well my friend

Into the night

Through the darkness

To find the light

The Trade Off

It’s with a heavy heart

And a mournful sigh

That the time has come

To say our goodbye

I’m eternally grateful

For all you have done

For you soothed my pain

And left me with none

(Originally Posted 20.09.2019)

Funeral Arrangements

I took care of everything

But no one took care of me

Did it even occur to you

All that I had been through

And what was then my reality

Grave Stones

You were just pissed off

That he never wanted a place

You never really understood

What he was trying to embrace

That’s why you weren’t involved

And the reason we no longer speak

I’m just glad he wasn’t around

To see the damage you would wreak

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