Shut In

As if all I do

Is wander around

And weep into the rain

When I really feel blue

To my bed I am bound

As that is my real domain

Grey Days

I love
on grey days

The raindrops
land on my face
and mingle with
my tears

Hiding them
from prying

(Originally Posted 02.05.2019)


Time has dragged on today

Even more than most

It started off quite well too

Sitting down with tea and toast

But then the clock seemed to stop

At some point this afternoon

When opening up my laptop

Did nothing to lift the gloom

And as the evening drew itself in

I’ve sat here all alone

Thouroughly bored in my own skin

Barely stifling a groan

So now I guess I’ll go to bed

And lie there on my own

Until the clock stops in my head

And I dream in monochrome

The Reverse

I’ve never felt happiness,
I don’t know what it is.

I’ve never seen happiness
But I’m sure that it’s not this.

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