Pissing In The Wind

That I ever thought

Those pills would work

Is actually quite preposterous

For I have found

To my cost

That the pit of my stomach is bottomless

Prescription For A Broken Heart

I took
the first
one this

The rest
won’t be
hard to

my belly
will be

And I’ll
no longer
feel so

(Originally Posted 24.09.2019)

For The Last Time

I have searched

High and low

Over sea

And underground

So please believe me

When I say

There’s still nary a fuck

To be found

Pretty Sure

I’ll look again,
if you like,
but I’m pretty
sure there’s none.

Fun, happiness,
joy, laughter,
I’m pretty sure
they’ve gone.

(Originally Posted 25.07.2019)


It was easier when I was angry

When I was filled with hate

When I wanted nothing more

Than your head on a plate

It’s harder now I’m ‘better’

As the bitterness subsides

For all I have been left with

Is this hollowness inside

Sweet Release

In this instance

I don’t want you to love me

I don’t even want to know your name

I just want you to fuck me


And again

And again

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