Sucked In

To be honest

I always knew


Was your main trait

It’s just a shame

That I played your game

Losing out

When it was too late


Looking through old photos

It’s only now I’m struck

By how much your eyes

Betray your lies

And your smile is fake as fuck

(Originally Posted 29.12.2020)

Dead To Me

It was definitely you

I saw tonight

And I’ll admit

I took great delight

In walking by

Without a care

Just a smug little smile

And my nose in the air

Arm in arm

With my actual friends

As they’re all I need

In the end

At A Glance

If it
was you
I saw
in that

I hope
my presence
you a

And you

that it’s
just you
I don’t
to see

(Originally Posted 16.11.2019)

I Should’ve Known Better

It isn’t that you lied,

It’s that I believed you.

That’s what hurts.


I really
she said,
it is time
for me
to go

It’s the
only way,
she said,
to get
my life
on track

I will come
with you,
he said,
you needn’t
be on
your own

I’m here to
help you
he said,
so you’ll
be alone

(Originally Posted 28.10.2019)


When feelings

Are so intrinsic


Is best kept simplistic

Random #19





(Originally Posted 14.09.2019)

For The Best

I never did tell him the truth

Of where I went that day

But even though I did it

I’m glad I hid it

As I could never hurt him that way


Lying to
is bad

to you

no way
I could
be truthful


(Originally Posted 29.05.2020)

In Loving Memory

The girl you knew is gone

She said

Killed by love itself

You don’t need to tell me

He said

For I dug her grave myself

Random #158

‘Stab the body and it heals, but injure the heart and the wound lasts a lifetime.’

– Mineko Iwasaki


I don’t know

If I can forgive you

For all the pain

And hurt

It’s not that we

Can’t be friends now

But more I don’t think

We ever were


If you could find a way to forgive me

She said

Perhaps that’s where we could start

As I honestly never meant

She said

To be so careless with your heart

The Reference


I next see her

I’ll be sure

To let her know

How you’re passionate,

Funny and kind

And how it hurts

To let you go

From Afar

Every time you send a pic

It breaks another piece of my heart

You’re having fun

And you deserve a ton

But it hurts that we’re so far apart

Best In Show

You were hurt

And so was I

Not that it’s a competition

But if it was

Then rest assured

You could never beat my position

I Won’t Forget

I still cry for him at night

You know

There’ll never be a time

I won’t

Just because you’re not here

To wipe away

My tears

Doesn’t mean

I don’t


To not know

Who to trust

Certainly fucking hurts

But to be unsure

Of ones own self

Is infinitely worse

Daddy Dearest

Call me your sweetheart again

She said

And I’ll punch you in the face

For you never earned that right

She said

In the first fucking place

Memorial Memories

It’s been two years since you left me

Sitting all alone in that church

Cold, confused and crying

So painfully in the lurch

But it’s not really his death you know,

That has been the most pernicious

It’s how the rest of you have chosen to be

So incredibly fucking malicious

Gut Instinct

You asked me

To run away with you

So, hesitantly, I did

And it was fun

Until you left

You fucking lying prick

The Path Of Darkness

Now you’ve led me again

Onto the path of darkness

Who knows how this will end

Last time all that was left

Was sparseness

And we couldn’t even be friends

The Old Crone


She said

Pay me no mind

And try not think of me unkind

For I am

She said

To madness inclined

And peace I can no longer find

If You Like

Stitch my wounds, if you like
I want to feel the pain
Don't call me a silly girl
For I'll only do it again

Ask me why, if you like
But you will never understand
The need, the comfort, the urgency
Those scissors close at hand

Leave me here, if you like
Walk away if you dare
Just remember I never asked for your help
Or your tender loving care

Forget I exist, if you like
It will not bother me one bit
For I'll always have my trusty blade
And carry my own first aid kit

(Originally Posted 08.04.2019)

The Long Goodbye

I’ve never loved myself

So I didn’t expect you to either

Thank you so much for trying,


But I knew we’d achieve neither

Toy Soldiers

Did it ever occur to you

That I didn’t want you to know

What would you have done anyway

Other than used it as ammo

In this ridiculous war against me

That you felt the need to wage

Well I’m glad I never said a word

And from your battle disengaged

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