I’m a little surprised

I wrote this

As it’s quite lyrical

For me

That is, of course,

If you ignore

The creepy imagery

How Long Has It Been Now?

From this cold embittered heart

I just cannot be prised apart

Like a leech feasting on a wound

Oh, is there any hope for me

From the past to be set free

And to love again become more attuned?


(Originally Posted 17.01.2021)

Sporadic Profanity

I can be quite poetic,

It seems

When I put my mind to it

This one serving to remind me

It doesn’t always need

To be ‘fuck’ and ‘shit’

The Birds

Looking up to the sky

This foreboding feeling grows

As I see the unkindness of ravens

And hear the murder of crows

(Originally Posted 31.03.2021)


'The reed used to like the rain...

... But that was merely her selfishness'

The Black

It’s only
when you
reach the

there’s no
way back

know then
you’re too
far gone

But all
you can
see is
The Black


I guess that
only time will tell

How long I’ll spend
living in this hell

Waiting for
the axe to fall

Wondering when
to end it all

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