Lucky My Arse

All I get

If I look up

Into the twilight sky

Is a fucking crick

In the back of my neck

And bird shit in my eye

Somewhere Out There

I’m sure
your star

in the

I try
to search
for it

Yet it
me by.

(Originally Posted 29.11.2019)

I Won’t Stay Quiet Forever

One day I

Will tell the world

And dance in the flames

As your name burns

My Lips Are Sealed

Don’t you worry

I’ll never tell

How much you hurt me

And put me through hell

But not to keep

Your good name intact

But more to ensure

You never come back

(Originally Posted 26.11.2020)

Smug As Fuck

I love how I live in your head

Rent free

It really makes me smile

To know you’re still being

Eaten alive

By your own bitterness and bile

Music To My Ears

So I’ve heard you’re starting to feel

Like you’re reaping what you have sown

Well all I can say is poor, poor you

I hope your pain has overflown

As I, for one, cannot express

Just how happy I am to know

That perhaps now you’re beginning to comprehend

What it feels like to be alone

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