You can tell me all you want

That you can hear him

But I’ll never believe it’s true

For if he was talking to anyone

From the ‘other side’

Then it would be me, not you


One Of Many

I may have said

You were exceptional

But I’m afraid, my dear,

You were never quite

The exception


I’m not who you think I am

She said

There’s been many times I’ve lied

I knew from the moment we met

He said

That this wouldn’t be cut and dried


It’s only when you lie

I find

That my pain goes away

But when you tell the truth

I find

I don’t know what to say


All that time

I blamed myself

When you were the one who lied

You have no idea

How much I wish

It wasn’t him, but you, who died

Fuck You Death

Fuck you death

She said

You really don’t scare me

That’s what you all say

He said

But through your lies I see

Grief Counselling

Why did you come here

He said

What exactly did you expect

Well they told me if I did

She said

That I’d feel less bereft

Gut Instinct

You asked me

To run away with you

So, hesitantly, I did

And it was fun

Until you left

You fucking lying prick

The Fallacy of Pharma

They promised I’d feel better by now

That these pills would have kicked in

Well they fucking lied

As my brain is still fried

And my heart belongs in the bin

Rolling Out The Red Carpet

Presenter 1: ‘And the award for the biggest lie of them all goes to…’

(drum roll)

Presenters 1 & 2 in unison: ‘…I’m Fine!’


Voiceover: ‘And collecting the award tonight are Honestly and I Promise, who both played a key role in supporting I’m Fine in the 2020 film ‘How Are You Today’

If Mirrors Could Talk

Tell yourself you’re moving on

And they might just start

To believe it

But you and I know

This is all just for show

As you’re still drowning

In shit


Looking through old photos

It’s only now I’m struck

By how much your eyes

Betray your lies

And your smile is fake as fuck

Sown Up

I don’t feel better

I haven’t forgotten

I’ve just stopped telling you

How I feel


You’ll say you miss him terribly

As you bleat and cry and whine

But all I’ll remember is when

You couldn’t stand to be near him then

Even half the fucking time


I know you better

Than I know myself

So please stop trying

To be someone else

Self Portrait #1

Both a rhymer and a charmer

She only sticks around for drama

Writing with a screw loose or two

She isn’t scared of an expletive or few

Mourning the loss of her true love

She knows there’s no-one up above

Kind, caring and empathetic

She isn’t very sympathetic

Often scathing but often witty

She has a penchant for the nitty gritty

Sometimes joking sometimes smart

She weeps with her broken heart

Enamoured with music, wine and song

She knows with those she can’t go wrong

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