I Won’t Falter

I’ll never be

The bigger person

I won’t take

The higher moral ground

As I know for a fact

Any contrition is an act

And so my rationale is sound

Not Then / Not Now / Not Ever

What will we do when this feud ends?

Just sit around and all be friends?

Forget the hatred and bile that’s been spilled,

And hope our relationships we can rebuild?

Well it’s not for me,

You can count me out.

Of that there can be absolutely no doubt.

Because I will hold onto this grudge forever.

And I want nothing to do with you whatsoever.

(Originally Posted 04.02.2020)

Just A Tad




The Night Shift

Is it
too late
to phone
in sick?

For life…

(Originally Posted 31.07.2019)

John 20:23

Forgive and forget

That’s what they say

Be the bigger person

Just walk away

Well I must be cut

From a different cloth

For I’ll never tire

Of unleashing my wroth

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