The Agenda

I’m not sure I believe you

She said

There must be some kind of catch

Offers like this are rarely made

She said

With no strings attached

The Settlement

I only want
what’s best
for you,
he said,
even if that’s
not what is
best for me

I just
want this
to end,
she said,
I simply
want to
be free

(Originally Posted 10.09.2019)


How can I stop you feeling so sad

He said


Just tell me and I’ll do it

I don’t know where to start

She said

And if I did,

I wouldn’t put you through it

I Know

I know

You’ll never ask again

I know

I missed my time

I know

You no longer feel the same

I know

You’ll never be mine

Nice Try

for the

But I
say no

There is
no need
for you
to listen

To any
more of
my tales
of woe

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