In Perpetuity

Just keep taking the pills

He said

And they’ll eventually quieten
the voices

I suppose I can persevere

She said

Through a lack of any
other choices

‘It’s Nice To Be A Lunatic…’

Am I over

Or am I just
plain sad

Am I far
too wired

Or simply
going mad

Does it
really matter

For I think
we can deduct

That as I can’t
stop this chatter

Either way,
I’m fucked

(Originally Posted 13.02.2020)

Mind Games

It’s only when

The meds kick in

That you realise

The truth

The only person

On that ward

Being fooled

Was you

Psych Ward 101

Just keep calm

Don’t let them see

They’ll leave you alone

If you just agree

(Originally Posted 22.01.2021)

The Final Appointment

I don’t need this, any more

I’m doing a lot better

She said

Now I just hear screaming

Once or twice a week

And only inside my head

The Circus Is Back In Town

I wish
I spent
more time

of all

It would
be nice to
do some

to all this

(Originally Posted 21.12.2019)

The Guardian

It does not matter

What I am

It said

From the end of the bed

Just trust that I know

What’s for the best

And I won’t let you

Be misled

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