You may as well keep the ring

He said

I’ve got no use for it

I’d rather keep my dignity

She said

Than this worthless piece of shit

Sliding Doors

There will be someone out there

He said

That will be the one for you

What if he’s already gone

She said

I don’t believe there can be two


You said

To me

You’d always

Be true

Yet it’s clear

That forever

Meant fuck all

To you


Don’t come crawling back now

Amazed at what you find

For I’m the one

Who carried on

When you left me behind

A Life Together

There were times when I would tire of it all,

But I don’t have a single regret.

I never once got bored of it all,

Our inescapable duet.

(Originally Posted 06.05.2019)


I don’t want to just be friends

I don’t want to let this go

You may be able to walk away

But this is all I know

The Replacement

I only ever wanted you

But then he arrived instead

Now there’s no chance

In any circumstance

Of you sleeping in my bed


The tears I cried

When you died

Will never fully dry

For with each day

Dawns a new array

Of pain I can’t deny



If we were to meet again

I’d simply walk on by

I’d turn my head away from you

Try not to catch your eye

For I could not do this again

Your loss has left me broken

No, I’d simply walk on by

With nary a word spoken

Once And For All

Tell me you don’t want me

And I’ll walk away if I must

But just make sure

Your heart can endure

As you won’t see me again for dust

Yin And Yin

We can’t both be dreamers

She said

Or nothing will get done

We’ll just have to take it in turns

He said

For us each to have our fun

Wars Of Attrition

Some people stay together

And hate every second of it

But as they’re bound by tradition

They put up with each others shit

They’re worn down day after day

But are far too scared to leave

For of a life full of happiness

They cannot possibly conceive


Maybe one day we’ll meet again

And maybe one day we won’t

But one things for sure

We’ll never be anything more

Than what either of us had hoped


Of my love

For you

I’ve never been

More certain

It is time

To drop

The safety curtain

So with confidence

And fiery gusto

Let’s just get

On with our show

The Ballad Of Boxing Day

Is that it now

He said

Have the bells rung out?

I cannot eat another sprout

Oh shut your face

She said

All you’ve done is moan

You’ll be spending next year

On your fucking own

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