We’re Here For It

You always were the joker

Who we could count on for a laugh

So it’s been hard to watch you

Being literally torn in half

But you don’t have to pretend with us

Or put on your best gameface

As we know, one day, that humour

Will return to its rightful place


All I do is let
people down

They want
me to smile

But I can
only frown

For I no longer
have the energy

To be the person
they want me to be

(Originally Posted 27.11.2019)

Saving Both Heartbreak And Time

As my head spun round

And the thunderbolt struck

I couldn’t help but think

If only I’d ducked

Pubs, Clubs & Other Establishments

It is strange.
You are told that when these things happen, you’ll just know.
You won’t be able to catch your breath,
your stomach will be in knots 
and a thunderbolt will fly through the sky.
But it doesn’t … it didn’t.
It is strange.

It is not that you are particularly handsome – you are not.
But it’s the way you make me feel.
You make me laugh.
You make me smile.
I look forward to seeing you.
I look forward to you coming to see me.

But I know there is no future in it.
It will not go anywhere.

I want the thunderbolt.
I need it.

(Originally Posted 02.03.2019)


This may have been posted

In 2019

But it was written long ago

In the back of a French class

As I recall

Looking out into the snow

Je Suis Morte

I’ve been here so many, many times before

I’m just fucking bored now.

Bored with the fucking lot of it.

It’s pointless now.

Not that there ever was a point, obviously.

Je Suis Morte.

I Fucking Wish.

(Originally Posted 02.03.2019)

The Experience Since

Indeed she did

And she did it well

Or so some people said

Yet somehow now

Three years on

She’s still fucked in the head

The Beginning

‘Don’t be afraid to start poorly’

The kind man wrote

‘I will try’

The sad woman replied

And she did

(Originally Posted 01.03.2019)

Random #18

‘You could have achieved so much more, if you weren’t so fucking insecure’

– Me

(Originally Posted 19.07.2019)

Shaking Spears

‘When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions ‘

‘Tell me about it, my friend, that’s why we deserve fucking medallions’

The Final Fling

I hope
I’ve done
the right

For as
yet you
have not

this is
the end

I guess
I’ll wait
for you
to decide

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