Raiding The Fridge

What the fuck

Are you still doing up

Don’t you know

It’s quarter past four?

Well of course I do

But it’s nothing new

To find I can’t sleep



It’s heartfelt
praise, but
I know
your ways.

How uncomfortable
you are
to see,
just how
miserable I
can be.

I’m sorry
I no
longer make
you smile.

For that
you’ll need
to wait
a while.

Until then,
just keep
telling me
I’ll make
it through.

And I’ll
keep on
fuck you.

(Originally Posted 10.05.2019)

Sleep Is Futile

What’s the
point in
going to bed

With all
this shit
inside my head

It’s not
like I’ll be
allowed to rest

With this
sickness deep
inside my chest


Waking up to find that,
once again,
I’ve lost my mind
at some point
during the night…

No Air

It’s too hot to think
as I sit here on the brink
of yet another nervous breakdown…

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