Thoughts #16

You promised

That you’d help

But instead

You made it worse

Now I’ve got

Nothing left

Not even

A decent verse

Thoughts #14

You are just

As fucked up as me

In fact

You’re actually

Much worse

For you think

You can

Bypass the plan

Whereas I just accept

The curse

Thoughts #9

Is this real

Am I still me

Or is this part

Of my insanity

It’s hard to tell

If I’m really here

Or if I have in fact


Thoughts #8

Every time I look

Into your eyes

My love for you

I cannot hide

You’ll never know

How I burst inside

To know we are part

Of the same pride

Thoughts #7

Not sure if I’ll cope tonight

Going out is such a chore

Plus there’s a chance

You’ll force me to dance

And my head is already sore

Thoughts #4

Sliced wide open again

For all the world to see

If only there was

Another way

To let the poison free

Thoughts #3

Pardon me miss

If I buy you a drink


Do not think me bold

No problem mate

You can buy me two

As long as you fuck off

When you’re told

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