It only took seconds

To write this one

And really, I should have binned it

Now it’s a lesson

That it’s not all progression

And sometimes, it’s better to edit


Live, laugh, love
Comes the wisdom from above

Stop, sob, spite
Is what gets me through the night

(Originally Posted 13.04.2019)

A Book Next, Perhaps?

This seems to have served you well

He said

With plenty of folks who enjoy reading

I never thought I’d get this far

She said

Let alone that I’d be succeeding


I wish I could
take your plaudit

But I just write
what comes to me

My inability
to self edit

Laid bare for
all to see

(Originally Posted 05.04.2020)

Yin And Yin

We can’t both be dreamers

She said

Or nothing will get done

We’ll just have to take it in turns

He said

For us each to have our fun

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